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Horizon Sales

Q.Do you have references?
A.We sure do. Whatever group you have, we have a group to match. Our long list of satisfied customers spans over 10 years from Child Care to College, Churches to Cheerleaders. Just give us a call!
Q.What do you mean by no risk?
A.With all Horizon Sales programs, you collect all money in advance. You won't lose money hoping students will collect all money for their orders.
Q.Are your programs simple and easy?
A.Yes, many have only 1 price point. Remember, all money is turned in up front, so there is no collection hassle!
Q.I only have 12 cheerleaders, how much can my group raise?
A.How does $5000 sound? That's how much the Hanceville, AL cheerleaders raised. Our cheerleader groups have awesome results with even better sales the 2nd and 3rd sale. Now that is something to cheer about!
Q.How do your programs work?
A.With all programs, we send you a complete kit outlining product, prize and profit details. An instructional video is available by request.
Q.How long does it take to receive my order?
A.Your products are shipped within 3 weeks of receipt of order.
Horizon Sales
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